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5 Key characteristics of a good school

The purpose of the school
Look for a school that knows its purpose for being established. Ask the question why did you start a school? In the natural health field, most practitioners believe a holistic philosophy. Massage is a very nurturing environment, so the students have to learn to display this personality. Just learning the components of anatomy and physiology is not enough to be a good massage therapist. Ideally, there should be an integration of the Newtonian philosophy as well as the Einstein theories in our relationship to the Universe.

Some schools are totally medical oriented so be sure that is the direction you want to go in. If clinical, problem solving is your preference you will do well with that curriculum. If you prefer a more nurturing environment, look for a school that is more in alignment with that philosophy and you will be working in your preferred thinking mode.

The instructors are experienced massage therapists
Many teachers can teach physiology and anatomy from a book, however it is optimal to have someone teach you who has been a massage therapist and can relate to specific applications and you can reap the benefits of their hands on experience.

The program is 500 hours plus
Studying the muscles is a very intensive study and it takes years to really know them, the body is complex. As you go choose a school, you want enough time in your curriculum to focus on the study of muscles, because you are working in this area most of the time.

A good business program
Once you gain the massage skills, you will need to enhance your professional business skills to get clients. One of the main attractions of going into the massage field is to be self-employed. Most of the job market for a therapist is working as an independent contractor, setting up your own business, and retaining a steady clientele. Good business principles have to be taught to be massage therapists to be successful in their endeavor.

Good Luck! Best Regards,
Charlotte Irwin, Director
Guardian Massage and Reflexology School

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