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Approved Continuing Education Classes are not offered at this time


However all classes are independent of each other and anyone is welcome to attend any class below for their own personal interest. Check our website for new classes always being added.

Class Hours 8

Class Title

Professional Ethics

Aromatherapy & Carrier oils

Body Mechanics

Lomi Lomi Massage 

Spa Applications & Hydrotherapy

Introduction to Reflexology

Charlotte Irwin’s Reflexology Program


Description of classes

Lomi Lomi Massage:

An introduction to the art of Lomi-Lomi massage. Students learn this type of bodywork introduced by the Hawaiian people centuries ago. Hawaiian names of muscle and bones are learned along with the Hawaiian spiritual principles as applied to body work as well as hands on techniques.

Advanced Massage Techniques:

This class teaches massage therapists A deeper understanding of the fascia system of the body. Specific hands on techniques in helping carpal tunnel, and plantar fascia, low back and sciatica pain are taught.

Aromatherapy Class:

This class teaches the safety and use of essential and carrier oils for the massage therapist. Classification of oils, their chemical constituents and the properties of essential oils is discussed. Blending and making oils for the use in massage and other applications is also included.

Charlotte Irwin's Reflexology Program:

is a reflexology certification course. Check the reflexology tab for class description 96 hour in class instruction includes 4 levels of instruction.

Massage Your Business Course:

This class teaches practitioners business skills to ensure their success after they graduate. Business Clarification, Goal Setting,, Marketing Skills are all discussed and many resources are made available. Students receive Charlotte Irwin's Massage Your Business with Purpose, Passion and Perseverance while creating profits book. Spa Services and Hydrotherapy An introduction on how to apply body wraps and scrubs and acupressure facials. Product knowledge and resources are included.

Professional Ethics:

This class is required for all NCBTMB massage therapists for certification renewal. Role playing and 20 years of experience is shared on client relationships and professional boundaries and interaction.

Body Mechanics:

Learn leveraging techniques and the use of good body mechanics to avoid injury and be able to complete sessions without stress on your body.

Intro to Applied Kinesiology:

Applied Kinesiology is an alternative method used to determine what is the best strategy to us for therapy. According to practitioners using AK techniques, it is helpful by providing feedback on the functional status of the body and can help determine what muscle group to focus on.


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