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Charlotte Irwin's Reflexology Program

Course 100
Charlotte Irwin’s Reflexology Program  Reflexology Introduction Course: This course is designed to teach an overview of reflexology and hands on application. The class defines reflexology its origin and history. The course also covers scientific concepts behind the reflexology theories, hands on practice for techniques and pressure specifically for stress reduction. Overview of the skeletal system, foot anatomy, reflexology benefits, client assessment, indications and contraindications are reviewed. Participants will be able to administer a reflexology treatment to family and friends and help with health challenges attributed to stress.

16 Hour Format - Course fee $195

Course 102
Reflexology Certification Program:  The certification course covers a deeper understanding into the reflex zones a  basic study of anatomy, physiology, specific protocols and research relating to reflexology and the 14 body systems is presented. The participant will be able to administer reflexology as a natural health treatment to the public. 

96 Hour Format in class hours and 50 hours of outside documentation required - Course fee $975

Course 103
Reflexology Instructor Course: This course is a review of the class power points and manual. Once participants take the certification course, the instructor course is available for those who want to further their career in instructing this program. Participants who pass this course will receive all materials, handouts and references that were presented in the certification course and be qualified to teach the Reflexology Introduction Course and the Reflexology course to the public.

40 Hour Format - Course fee $1800

Course 104
Reflexology Business Course: This course is designed to give participants a good working knowledge of basic business skills. The participants will set goals, write policy and procedures for their business,create  marketing strategies and understand all the different business options available to them.

16 Hour Format - Course fee $195


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